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Dog mites to lose weight
- Dec 27, 2016 -

Scale type: mainly in the eyelid, forehead, lips, neck and around the lower part of hair removal at, elbows, toes, bald spots and boundaries clear, accompanied by mild flushing of the skin, and bran-parings, the skin becomes rough and cracked, some having small boils. Skin turned gray, but not itchy.

Pustular: after Demodex infection, first inside the unit in the lower abdomen with red papules. A few days later into a small abscess, severe abdominal unit under large area of red-and-white little bump on the inside, and have a special smell. At this point, the dogs showed disturbing emotions, and itching. When large amounts of Demodex parasite, can cause skin infections, hair loss, pustules rupture after the formation of ulcers, and secondary bacterial infections, systemic symptoms occur, seriously ill pets can lead to death.