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Meal times
- Dec 27, 2016 -

Strictly for, for dog species of size and different, as was born Hou three week to two months for away from milk period, and regardless of is large dog or small dog are to daily early, and in the, and afternoon, and night amounted to give four times; but to has young dog period Shi, small dog following for six months, medium dog above is 12 months Zhijian, daily the give three times (early, and in the, and afternoon); and young dog period Hou half of small dog following for 12 months, medium dog for 18 months between, the give one days two times (early, and afternoon) can, This is because the medium dogs growing up are more long-term than smaller dogs, such as small dogs in a year with a dog, but medium sized more than 1.5 years of our time, however, when the dog, whether it is small or medium sized dogs or more, only to 1~2 times a day is the same.