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The Purpose Of The Carrier Bag Design
- Jun 09, 2017 -

The purpose of the Carrier Bag design is to pursue the rationality of its function in the behavior of the hand-held goods, convey the information of the goods or display a kind of corporate image or show a cultural flavor of individuality. A beautifully designed, excellent creative, well-made Carrier Bag production, can give you a lot of publicity to add color. For the design requirements of the Carrier Bag should be simple, to carry a strong, relatively low cost, design should be the pursuit of novel, simple, embodies the concept of freedom, avantgarde, at the same time to play promotional, dissemination, display of various functions. Designed with protection, storage function of the Carrier Bag, is a visual flow to convey the product image of one of the media!

Gift Carrier Bag are widely used in modern society and are additional products for consumer goods, which also brings new development direction to the printing industry. The basic material of the gift Carrier Bag is usually made of coated paper, cardboard or kraft. Carrier Bag in the printing time to pay attention to printing pressure, can be used to increase or decrease the rubber drum lining thickness method. Adjust the offset printing paper. According to the different size of the paper can be replaced by different diameter of the pressure spring model, so that the paper can be achieved without swinging, the purpose of smooth paper. In time to clean up the double control wheel, feed roller surface and power control 2 of the surface of the dust or insulation, prevent double control system failure.

Carrier Bag are widely used in clothing, food, footwear, gifts, tobacco and alcohol, pharmaceuticals and other fields of commodity packaging. The Carrier Bag printing design, fully understand the product's practical and other characteristics of creative ideas; The whole paper bag is the traditional style or the sense of the times; the front of the hand-held paper bag is generally company logo and company name, or company advertising language; focus on brand, expand Sales, the pattern should be the pursuit of novel, avantgarde ideas, such as the embodiment of traditional style patterns can be used in Chinese painting, calligraphy, sculpture, paper-cut art, etc. Can be combined with common use of everyday goods or other aspects of the visual illusion, to attract the eye to win 100% of the turn; the ultimate goal of the paper bag is to earn customers ' attention;