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The Shape Of The Carrier Bag Is Different
- Jun 09, 2017 -

The shape of the Carrier Bag is different, we take a white cardboard Carrier Bag for example, white cardboard made of the bag is one of the most Carrier Bag, which is characterized by: white cardboard Carrier Bag strength is all portable The highest in the bag, which is determined by the physical properties of the white cardboard, the designer will generally use this bag for high-end clothing or goods. Paper delicate and white paper bag compared to white cardboard Carrier Bag feel very delicate, so white cardboard Carrier Bag is particularly elegant. White cardboard with good printability, designers can boldly use a variety of design techniques (including color ideas). White cardboard Carrier Bag is the most expensive one in the bag.

Environmental bag is a convenient and practical and environmentally friendly containers, environmentally friendly bag design is simple, as long as the use of good kraft paper and two handles can be made into a simple green Carrier Bag. And environmentally friendly Carrier Bag printing convenience, is a good way to promote the business. Environmental protection bag above the pattern will be very monotonous, if the printing of corporate information or product images, not only to add color to the bag, but also played a role in advertising. Reduced the printing paper used by the business in the leaflet, but also in the indirect protection of the environment. Environmentally friendly Carrier Carrier Bag production convenience, low cost, many businesses launched the purchase of goods on the gift bag activities, this way, businesses not only sell the product, and consumers also get an environmentally friendly Carrier Bag, do both.

Carrier Bag graphic design to solve the content to be expressed with the graphics to create methods, clever, appropriate, concentrated in the limited space of the bag to be expressed. If the bag design can better use the color principle, will be more effective to improve the recognition, clarity and competitiveness, "plunder" audience view. Carrier Bag printing design can be based on corporate image visual identification system color specification, the establishment of the enterprise unique color style; through color to illustrate, play, assist other shape performance: available unique color, to obtain a strong and clear color segment , To strengthen their own characteristics, even through the color plan to convey the season, the feelings of the season and so on.