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Discussion On The Method Of Identifying The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Auto Leash
- Jun 09, 2017 -

As an important part of the operation of the car, the Auto Leash is connected with various parts. In the event of breakage or slippage, the associated air conditioning compressors, power steering pumps, alternators, etc. will stop working. Therefore, it is necessary to master the identification of the advantages and disadvantages of the automobile Auto Leash. This article, Xiao Bian will share the advantages of Auto Leash identification and how to identify the Auto Leash is damaged.

First, the purchase of identification of merits and demerits:

Smell a smell

Really: no smell

To have a pungent odor

Smell the Auto Leash is the first step in the identification of the advantages and disadvantages, can be considered a more effective move. Usually poor quality rubber products will have a pungent smell of stink, the owner as long as only a little attention can be a good identification.

Take a look

As with the above reasons, counterfeit products usually make a fuss about materials and craftsmanship in order to save costs. Produced products are generally more rough, printing fonts are relatively vague.

3. more contrast

In the repair shop or store department that sells fake and shoddy belt products, it usually has the same specifications, but several kinds of products. It is recommended that these different prices of products carefully contrast to make a choice.

Suggestions: The best way to deal with fake and shoddy products is to choose a formal purchase channel. Most of the car manufacturers are pure accessories are only sold through the 4S shop to fake and shoddy goods from the gray market distinction, genuine not through the non-approved distribution channels. Therefore, in the replacement of the best choice when the Auto Leash 4S shop.

Second, the use of process to identify damage:

As mentioned above, the Auto Leash is a consumable parts, with the increase in their working hours, Auto Leash and related accessories will find wear and aging. Therefore, the correct and timely understanding of the use of the state of the Auto Leash is very important. Below, Xiao Bian teach you how to identify the damage from the sound and appearance of the belt.

Listen to the sound of good or bad

When you hear the belt creak sound, under normal circumstances on behalf of the belt surface friction coefficient greatly reduced, has been excessive wear and tear. If you are in the vehicle when the load sound, may wish to observe one of the drive belt, you will find the belt automatic elastic device or belt tension on the wheel resistance or elasticity will increase abnormally.

When you hear the rumble of the belt, then the belt is trembling. This is generally due to the drive belt is too loose, too long stretched or belt tensioner, loose wheel damage.

2. Look at the belt changes

Belt longer:

The first step in checking whether the belt is normal is to check the tension of the belt. With a strong finger in the middle of the pulley, if the pressure is about 10kg, the belt reduction in the 10mm or so the belt tension just right. If the amount is too large, then the belt tension is insufficient.

The reason for the lack of tension may be tightening the wheel loose, it may be longer belt. If it is a long side of the belt, then the belt has been deformed, the need for timely replacement.

Belt loose cracking:

If the belt appears to reduce hardness, abrasion, fiber breakage, or cracks, cracks, burrs and other phenomena, it shows that the belt has been damaged, can not continue to use.

Summary: fake and shoddy belt will not only affect the normal operation of the engine to speed up the damage to the vehicle, may also affect the driver's driving safety. So, we must be carefully selected when buying, careful comparison. At the same time, in the daily use of the process to achieve timely maintenance and timely detection.