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Auto Leash Often Look
- Oct 30, 2017 -

Auto Leash, also known as Auto Leash, its main function is power transmission. The drive belt on the car is responsible for driving all the parts of the movement, it broke the car can not move or air conditioning, steering and other components immediately failed. Guangfu Heng workshop manager Zhong Zuohe told reporters, especially in the engine of the timing belt, which is commonly known as the timing of the belt, because of its particularity, it should cause everyone's attention, why? Because once the engine timing belt breakage or out of teeth and so on, often the engine will be the valve, cylinder head and so on top off, resulting in huge losses, to 4S shop repair, it will spend thousands or even million on the repair Fees, the key is that many of my friends because of the timing of the accident and suffered no small loss, therefore, the daily maintenance of the Auto Leash is essential.

Where is the sacred sacred

Auto Leash wear is the power transmission, the car has three types of common belt: V-belt, ribbed belt and timing belt. In the automotive applications, mainly installed in the car engine crankshaft turn to cam, water pump, generator, air conditioning compressor, steering pump and other positions.

The V-belt is made up of three parts: the top fabric, the tension line and the bottom rubber; the ribbed belt is similar to the V-belt, but also consists of three parts: the top fabric, the tension line and the bottom rubber; the main difference between the two: The miniature V-face, which is wider and thinner, gives it a greater flexibility when it surrounds the smaller drive wheels; it allows the Velcro (MICRO-V) to transmit power in the "serpentine" drive. This type of drive can drive multiple engine accessories to transmit power.

Timing belt structure: Top rubber plus fiber, tension line, the bottom of the rubber. The tension line is made of a very strong glass fiber. The timing belt consists of a precision mold tooth.

Inspection and maintenance of common belts

How to make a large number of parts of the car orderly together to exercise? Rely on the role of the belt! If there is a problem with the drive belt, our car can not move forward. Because the engine is driven by a variety of auxiliary mechanisms such as air compressors, power steering pumps, alternators, etc., if the belt slips or breaks, the associated auxiliary mechanism will not function properly, The normal use of the car. Therefore, regular inspection of the drive belt is necessary.

First check the tension of the belt and choose to apply a moderate pressure to the thumb in the middle of the longest unsupported drive belt span. If the belt is pressed at about 10 mm, the belt tension is considered appropriate. If the belt tension is too large, or too loose, it may cause the slider, the drive is not complete. And the belt adjustment is too tight, it will make the belt easy to stretch deformation, at the same time, will accelerate the pulley and bearing wear. To this end, should be related to the adjustment of nuts or bolts loose, the belt tension to adjust to the best condition.

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