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Carrier Bag - Active In The Big Market In The Small Public Printed Goods
- Oct 19, 2017 -

In order to more effectively promote products and services, almost all businesses will be for their own goods with a beautiful Carrier Bag. To see the show, to the shopping malls to buy, buy cosmetics, go to brand-name shop sweep goods, publishing a new book conference, product manufacturers to promote new products ... ... all the way to the people away from time to time, always hand a variety of All kinds of paper Carrier Bag. Some of the paper bags, some huge, some petite; some elegant color, some gorgeous, some solemn; pattern or innovation to shape to win, or humorous funny funny; some emphasis on the use of the product effect, some prominent feature of product. These large and small paper bag, constitute a colorful street scenery.

A description of the packaging items - the printing of the Carrier Bag, the industry people laughed, because the size of the printing Carrier Bag market and those rigid demand for daily necessities packaging items, books and other print size compared to the " Pediatric "also" pediatric ". "China News Publishing" reporter learned that the bag printing business focused on some small and medium printing and packaging enterprises, and only a single product business, because the amount of small, it is higher than the profits of printed books. Insiders said that in recent years, with the community on environmental protection requirements, the market demand for a variety of goods increased, the amount of paper bag printing in the unknowingly rapid growth.

Paper Carrier Bag scenery began after the plastic limit

It is understood that environmentally friendly paper Carrier Bag began to prevail, began after the plastic limit order.

Now people often see the paper bag, such as gift bags, shopping bags, advertising bags, mostly with thick kraft paper, kraft paper, offset paper, light coated paper, white cardboard, embossed paper and Coated paper, matte paper, printing through offset press, die cutting, sticking and forming. As the printing technology and equipment modernization, printing patterns are very beautiful, delicate, rich in form of expression. And according to the needs of customers, can be covered, and increase its toughness and water resistance; can also be matte film, to show off the quality of goods at the same time do not reduce the user's identity; some simply made with pure kraft paper, Such as coupled with a unique professional design, you can give the product simple and elegant style, like a low-key luxury inadvertently revealed aristocratic atmosphere.