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Carrier Bag It's Not Alone
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Carrier Bag It is not alone, the Carrier Bag machine will continue to produce a Carrier Bag, to support it. This Carrier Bag machine works by using high-frequency oscillations to transfer sound waves from the solder head to the weld surface of the work, the moment makes the work molecule produces friction, achieves a plastic melting point, thus can complete the solid material quickly dissolves, may the textile clean welding, its adhesion strong, to non-woven as raw materials, fully automated production, it's easy to operate. Its production speed is fast, the efficiency is also high, it is the touch screen operation, its operation also is more accurate smooth.

Carrier Bag It's different in shape, we'll take a white cardboard bag for example, white cardboard bag is one of the most high-end Carrier Bag, its characteristics are: white cardboard bag strength is the highest of all Carrier Bag, this is determined by the physical properties of white cardboard, designers generally use this kind of Carrier Bag for high-end clothing or goods. Paper delicate and whiteboard paper bag compared to the white cardboard Carrier Bag feel to be delicate, therefore, white cardboard Carrier Bags appear particularly elegant. White cardboard with good printability, designers can boldly apply a variety of design techniques (including color concept). The white cardboard Carrier Bag is the most expensive one in the Carrier Bag.

If the design of the Carrier Bag can better use the principle of color, it will improve the recognition, explanation and competition more effectively, and "plunder" the audience. The Carrier Bag printing design can according to the enterprise image visual identity system color standard, establishes the enterprise unique color style, like "The Kodak Yellow", "Fuji's green"; can be used to illustrate, play, and assist other forms of performance: the use of unique colors, to obtain a strong and clear color compartment, to enhance their own characteristics, and even through the color plan to convey the season, the feelings of seasonal. The hand bag graphic design to solve is to express the content of the graphic creation method, ingenious, appropriate, concentrated in the pockets of limited space to perform.