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Carrier Bag Printing Process To Pay Attention To Some Of The Matters
- Jul 03, 2017 -

Carrier Bag in the application of modern society is very wide, is an additional product of consumer goods, which also to the printing industry has brought new direction of development. The basic material of the Carrier Bag is generally made of coated paper, cardboard or kraft paper. Carrier Bag in the printing of the time to pay attention to the printing pressure, you can use the rubber band to increase or decrease the thickness of the method. Adjust the offset printing section. According to the different size of the paper can be replaced with different diameter of the compression spring model, so that you can achieve the paper does not swing, smooth paper purposes. Timely cleaning of the double control wheel, the paper roll surface and the power control of the two electric shock surface dust or insulation, to prevent the double control system failure.

Environmental Carrier Bag is a green product, tough and durable, handsome in appearance, can be reused, silk screen advertising, mark, long period of use, suitable for any company, any industry as advertising, gifts used. Consumers in the shopping at the same time get a beautiful bag, and businesses have also been invisible advertising, the best of both worlds, which makes environmental Carrier Bag in the market more and more popular. Beautifully designed environmentally friendly Carrier Bag will be put it down, even if printed with eye-catching trademarks or advertising, customers will be happy to re-use, has become the most efficient and inexpensive advertising carrier.

Carrier Bag graphic design to solve the content to be expressed with the graphics to create methods, clever, appropriate, concentrated in the limited space to show the bag. If the design of the bag can be better use of color principle, will be more effective to improve the recognition, illustrative and competitive, "plunder" audience view. Carrier Bag printing design can be based on corporate image visual identification system color specification, the establishment of the enterprise unique color style; through color to illustrate, play, assist other shape performance: available unique color, to obtain a strong and clear color segment , To strengthen their own characteristics, even through the color plan to convey the season, the feelings of the season and so on.

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