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Healthy Pet Feeding, You Do Not Know Six Things!
- Jul 03, 2017 -

01, can you leave your pet with leftovers?

Many leftovers leftovers contain too high sugar, salt, fat, long-term feeding pets will lead to pet obesity, and then increase the heart disease, dystocia, arthritis and other nutritional metabolic morbidity, is not conducive to pet health. In addition, leftovers are generally soft and sticky, pet long-term consumption of these foods, very easy to produce in the oral cavity tartar, and then lead to dental calculus and periodontitis, so that pets produce bad breath.

02, pet feeding food need to use hot water soak it?

Dog, cat teeth strong enough, you can easily crush the food particles, dogs, cat food has a certain hardness to ensure that the dog when eating teeth get clean friction. In addition, with hot water foam cat food, dog food is the biggest drawback of vitamins are a lot of damage, will lead to inadequate intake of pet vitamins. Therefore, for healthy dogs and cats, it is not recommended to soak food with hot water after feeding.

03, young pet feeding need to pay attention to what?

Dogs are prone to excessive intake, causing gastric dilatation and health hazards. So do not feed the puppy too much food a day, divided into 3 times a day feeding more reasonable. In addition, young dogs, cats in the peak of growth and development, the demand for nutrition is very strong, need to provide a comprehensive and balanced nutrition, consumption of professional formula dog food, cat food, to ensure that they achieve the desired physical development.

04, how to adjust the diet of elderly pets?

In general, the basic metabolic rate of older pets decreased, it should be appropriate to reduce the energy density of food to reduce its liver and kidney burden, while preventing obesity, reduce the incidence of pet senile disease. Elderly pet's dental function diminished, so it should also be appropriate to reduce the hardness of pet food, but not recommended to the elderly pets eat too soft food (such as food), because the diet is too soft will increase the tartar, is not conducive to the elderly pets oral and heart health The

05, feeding pet feeding also need to pay attention to what issues?

Milk can not replace water For dogs and cats, milk is a useful snack, but they are not tolerant of a lot of milk.

2. Do not add eggs to pet feeding.

3. Avoid feeding some raw fish. Some fish can cause the lack of pet vitamin B1, causing anorexia, abnormal behavior, convulsions, thin or even death.

4. Although dogs, cats like to eat meat, but the meat is not a balanced diet of food. Raw meat may contain parasites, cooked meat in the high fat content, and nutrient content is not balanced.

06, which foods will damage the pet health?

Human food is not suitable for pet feeding. Some seemingly particularly good human food, but it will seriously hurt the health of pets.