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How Do Dog Toy Disinfect
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Dog Toy for a long time will certainly become dirty and there are bacteria, so a certain disinfection is necessary. Disinfection should be careful not to indiscriminate use of disinfectant, or the health of the dog will cause a great threat. It is advisable to disinfect the disinfectant with a pet.

Cleaning plush Dog Toy first to prepare the cleaning tools that need to be used. Such as coarse salt, large plastic bags. This method of cleaning is called dry cleaning, after the things are prepared, the coarse salt and dirty plush toys together into the plastic bag, and then thrown into the plastic bag kept shaking, so that the coarse salt and hair Cashmere toys full of friction contact, through this method to clean plush toys.

In addition, plush Dog Toycan also be washed. At this point need to be prepared to be detergent, there is enough water. Like some small plush Dog Toy, water cleaning is also more convenient, now the detergent into the water, and then gently with a brush dipped in water to wipe plush toys dirty place, after wiping clean with water can be clean.

It is worth noting that if the dog's plush toys are relatively large, and there are more fillers inside, then the cleaning of the Dog Toy before the first to take out, and then in the appropriate way to clean. To be dry, and then filled with stuffed up, so the dog's plush toys to clean.

It is recommended not to use 84 disinfectant, because its main ingredient is sodium hypochlorite, the human skin, hair, hemp, leather, metal and so have a certain corrosive, but also a great taste, it is best to use a special pet Disinfectant disinfection, like An Li Xiao, Ai Xiaomeng environmental disinfectant are very good, I used Ai Xiaomeng, there are lavender scent, you can deodorant, there is no stimulation, you put it diluted, the toy soaked into the Which can be, and remember to put the Dog Toy are submerged Oh, or no bubble to the no effect.

Usually with the most is 84 disinfectant diluted with water, soak for half an hour, and then rinse. If afraid of 84 corrosive, you can change the disinfectant, the general supermarket and pharmacies have to sell. Conditions to buy pets for sterile water. Anritsu and the like.