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How Does The Pet Bed Cushion Mat Taste?
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Ingredients: Pet Bed Cushion Mat surface - non-woven; absorbent layer - absorbent paper, cotton-like wood pulp, polymer absorber (optional); waterproof outer layer-PE leakproof film.


With high-grade wood pulp and polymer made of absorbent, with superior absorption. Absorbent body lengthened, full penetration does not re-infiltration.

2. Flow velocity

Specially designed diversion layer, guide the urine to spread forward, quickly penetrate down, so that the surface is more dry.

3. Cleansing dry surface

Made from high-grade non-woven fabrics, urine can quickly penetrate down and prevent backflow, keep the surface dry and keep the skin healthy.

【Pet Bed Cushion Mat instructions】

High water absorption and three layers of seam protection.

The surface layer has a strong absorption level.

High-tech products, super absorbent, quickly lock the water to prevent side leakage.

Block the edge and bottom of the plastic surface to protect the penetration.

Rapid drying technology with high water absorption, with the largest absorption of polymer capacity.

Home pet friends are very clear, Pet Bed Cushion Mat odor clean up the most troublesome, then what is simple and quick to get rid of the Pet Bed Cushion Mat method? Small series teach you recipe, to help you lift the trouble.

Use a special pet to stain the product to remove indoor stains. To ensure that the biological agents in the product can remove the odor of decomposition of the stains, you can choose some of the indoor area is not easy to do some of the first leg test.

If there are a lot of old stains can not be easily removed, the use of water and vacuum cleaner thoroughly clean the carpet and a variety of mat under the stains. Avoid steam cleaning, leaving the smell.

Use the detergent and baking soda to remove the residual odor. Pets are easy in the textile products in the residual taste, so to regularly clean up the pet I nest all kinds of items, especially textile supplies.

When thoroughly rinse the carpet, use a deodorant, air freshener, etc. to keep the fresh smell.