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How To Buy Dog Toy For Dogs?
- Sep 27, 2017 -

In 2015, a small young dog was raised. Puppy only three months old, it is when the teeth itch, in order not to destroy the things at home, Xiaobian bought a lot of dog toy to give it. Basically, the world can buy toys (according to the same material count), Xiao Bian are bought to the puppy, and some puppies like, some puppy tired of the eye is not tired, and some are sores Hundreds of holes. Xiao Bian also considered some experience, and now to share to everyone.

1、[Choose not easy to wear]

Dog teeth are very powerful, as long as not iron toys, one day will be bitten bad. Then the dog toy is broken, the owner had to spend time. So the first principle of the purchase of dog toy is strong, not easy to bite bad. This will cause the dog to bite it.

2、Choose not to smell

It is well known that dog toy are very cheap. The cheapest ten dollars five, expensive is a dozen dollars a. The owner can choose according to their own economic strength, but no matter what kind of dog toy do not choose big smell, smell large material may be toxic, will hurt the dog.

3、【Dog size according to dog size selection】

In a treasure can often see this evaluation, said just bought a toy was bitten bad. And then look are big dogs. This small series of views is that large dogs should choose a relatively large, more solid toys, do not buy puppy things. On the contrary, the puppy if it is too much of the toys, a mouth bite, but the puppy will lose patience.

Big dog brought to the open space to play Frisbee, proper.

4、【Try to choose different materials of toys】

Every dog likes to play the toys are different. Dogs are no mouth, so we can not know what their dogs like. You can try to buy toys at the beginning, and then observe what kind of dog their favorite, and later know what to buy toys it will like.

How to buy dog toy dog like what shape the toy