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How To Store Ink During The Printing Of The Carrier Bag
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Carrier Bag in the modern society to play an increasingly important role, whether it is daily shopping, or gift gifts, and even product promotion, will be applied to the Carrier Bag. In this case, the vast number of printers should be aware of the easy printing bag problems, but also should master the corresponding solution. Only in this way can we print a high quality Carrier Bag, so that better based on the market. In the printing of the Carrier Bag, many people do not pay attention to the type of ink, in the printing process is not very good control, so that the quality of the printing may be a series of problems.

So in order to avoid such problems, we should mainly do the following work:

The Carrier Bag is printed with ink, so we can not put the bag near the solvent-based ink, not the solvent-based organic solvents and printing Carrier Bag of ink put together, it may let us Printed bag problems. Listened to the above description, I believe we have to understand, ink in the Carrier Bag printing plays a key role. So we should learn to use the right way to save ink.

First, the temperature should be strictly controlled, we should put the ink indoors, and the temperature should be maintained at 20 degrees up and down.

Second, when we use ink, you should use a professional tool to evenly stir the ink, so as to ensure the quality of printing.

Finally, in the process of printing the Carrier Bag, we should also pay attention to the problem of pH and viscosity. When the viscosity changes, we can dilute by water, or by increasing the ink to thicken. When the PH changes, we should also be through a special raw materials to adjust.