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Kraft Carrier Bag--a Popular Form Of Advertising!
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Kraft paper Carrier Bag is made of Kraft paper bag, its characteristics are large fastness, the lowest cost, generally used to hold ordinary commodities. In addition to white Kraft paper, General Kraft paper background is deeper, therefore, compared to suitable for printing dark text and lines, but also can design some contrast strong color swatch. Kraft paper bags are generally not covered with film, is one of the lowest cost of Carrier Bag. In the Kraft paper bag advertising propaganda virtually played a publicity corporate image and product image of the role, which is equivalent to a mobile advertising, and a wide range of flow, not only to meet the requirements of the loading, but also has a good advertising effect, so is the manufacturer, economic and trade activities of a popular form of advertising. The more chic The Kraft Carrier Bag is, the more beautifully it is produced, the better its advertising effect is.

Carrier Bag are used for the use of goods, is a cheaper container, because it can generally be carried by hand to the name. From the Carrier Bag packaging to the Carrier Bag printing to use, not only to provide convenience to the shopper, but also can take the opportunity to sell the product or brand again. Carrier Bag design generally requires simple and generous, Carrier Bag design, hand-bag printing process in the front of the company's logo and company name mainly, or add the company's business philosophy, should not be designed too complex, can deepen the impression of consumers on the company or product, get good publicity effect, Carrier Bag printing to expand Sales, establish brand name, stimulate purchase to enhance competitiveness has a great role.

Kraft Paper Bag is a small bulk packaging container, non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, in line with the national environmental standards, with high-strength, high environmental protection, is currently the most popular international environmental packaging materials. Kraft paper bags are made from imported Canadian white Kraft or imported Russian yellow Kraft or other homemade papers for the base material, pp can be used on paper to drench a layer of film, waterproof effect, bag strength can be made according to customer requirements of three layer/four layer/five layer, printing and bag integration, through the sewing machine processing hot seal or paper.