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Pet Tips, Pet Care Experience
- May 26, 2017 -

Winter sun is the best friend of the dog, good weather to strengthen the dog's outdoor sports to enhance the dog's physique, improve dog's resistance to disease. So that the sun can not only warm the sun, you can kill the bacteria inside the hair, but also help the absorption of calcium, especially in favor of puppy bone growth and development, to prevent puppies rickets. Here to see how the dog winter care

Winter due to cold weather, dry, dog blood circulation is not good, joint tissue can not be with the temperature changes in the blood discharge, causing joint pain, swelling. So pet care, warmth is the focus of the protection of joints.

Pet Care - Protects the respiratory tract

Sooner or later the temperature difference, so that trachea sensitive dogs easily lead to respiratory diseases, colds, coughs, fever and other diseases. Cold weather, to add more moisture to the dog, improve the resistance is the key.

Pet Care - Protect your eyes

Although the winter bacteria is not easy to breed, but the dog's eye disease will not be reduced by the season. Therefore, parents all year round should pay attention to the health of dog eyes, can not be taken lightly Oh

Pet Care - Protect the soles of the feet

Snowflakes in the winter, cold weather. Winter dog's feet and feet are relatively fragile period, easy to dry, peeling. Parents who take the dog to pay attention to protect the dog's feet.

Pet care of the dog's feet need careful care

Dog is a nail, the nail is too long on what impact, the following for everyone to explain.

1, nails will affect the dog's movement too long, but also damage the indoor furniture. Adult dogs to be pruned once a month, Zizi often to pruning. From the puppy period to develop their habit of cutting nails. Pruning finger claws can be used to carry out the nail scissors, cut to be smooth after the cut, found damage, iodine wipe the affected area, to prevent infection.

2, cut nails need to cut through the blood vessels and bend the cutting-edge part of the breath cut off, and then use the file file level, the black claw is not easy to see the blood vessels, you can cut off most of the file before the file, Cut to the blood vessels and bleeding, coated with hemostatic agent, and with the thumb and forefinger temporary pressure in the claw root to stop bleeding.

3, the dog's feet are easy to get dirty and easily injured. So this period should strengthen the care, cleaning not only to wash the toe with warm water, even the foot to the toes must be clean, dry, if the wound to be timely disinfection. Long-haired dog's feet need to shave short cut, so that it will not slip when walking, but also to prevent the toes between the open too large, generally with a small round scissors cut the foot of the fist to reduce the damage, but also Cut clean

Pet care small note tips when the dog's nails long after it will repair it Oh.