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Professional Pet Care Beauty Knowledge Daquan
- Jun 21, 2017 -

With the development of society, people's living standards improve pet care beauty is no longer a bath of the program, which developed to the professional and technical. Different types of beauty tools and skills used in different breeds, but most of the breeds are in accordance with the following seven procedures to start:

First, the pet care brush (tool card comb): first with a needle to the dog brush brush fur, you can brush to the body of the dead hair and feathers, so that the fur supple and neat and shiny.

Second, the pet care carding (tool steel comb): brush finished hair, you can use the comb and then comb, check the dog body there are small feathers exist. If the bath did not put the dog before the hair knot comb, after bathing is also more difficult to comb pass also wash thoroughly dog's hair.

Third, the pet care bath: to the dog must choose a good bath for her dog's hair shampoo, the general bath of the water temperature is 35 --- 45 degrees, the winter water temperature is higher. Generally speaking, long-haired dog is usually a week to take a bath, and short-haired dog is half a month to wash a bath more appropriate.

Fourth, the hair: to the dog after the bath, with a strong towel to the dog body more than the water sucked, and then use the hair dryer to dry hair. Hair can also side of the hair while combing the hair, so blowing the hair naturally fluffy beautiful.

5, pet care cut nails: dog nails will affect the difficulty of walking too long, can also cause the deformation of the bones to the posture and other beautiful problems. And even some dog nails too long pierced the foot pad so that the dog is very painful. Nails look very simple, in fact, there can not cut the article when the pruning too deep, so as to avoid bleeding. If the dog was cut off a bleeding, the next must not let the foot, temper has become worse.

Six, pet care cleaning eyes, ear canal: dog and human communication is by the eyes of the dog's eyes uncomfortable when the claws will be caught, so easy to damage the eye and cornea; dog's ear canal is also susceptible to ear disease, Is the long ears of the dog) sometimes dog from time to time to catch the ear, or shaking his head and peculiar secretions are the characteristics of dogs with ear disease, so give the dog regularly to the animal salon to clean the eyes and ears is necessary Can prevent a variety of eye and ear disease.

Seven, pet care pruning hair: healthy dog born love clean, and sometimes the dog's hair messed up the dog will use their tongue to lick clean, so to help them often comb, and sometimes also regularly with a dog to the animal Beauty salons trim hair, because the dog's buttocks too long will affect the bowel movements, abdomen and leg hair will affect the walk or easy to dirty, foot long hair when walking will slip, easy to fall with the bucket. So all the long-haired dogs should be regularly trimmed.