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The Basic Shape Of The Carrier Bag Is Divided Into Three Kinds
- Oct 19, 2017 -

In recent decades, with the commercial development, quickly swept the world, with a well-known design of the brand's own Carrier Bag is a fashionable performance. Bag design is also an important part of shaping the corporate image. Carrier Bag are usually shopping by the mall or product manufacturers presented to the customer, although it is convenient for consumers to buy the goods to bring home, but the manufacturers, dealers most want to promote business through the Carrier Bag to promote goods, and Is seen as an effective form of advertising and product promotion. In addition, Carrier Bag are widely used in large-scale exhibitions, large-scale conferences or non-commercial activities, and are specially produced for special commemorative significance.

The design of the Carrier Bag to spread the image of a business, or a taste, a culture. The design of the bag should first express the characteristics of the goods contained, because of different types, its size, color, form and other changes are different; second note bag advertising effect, the pattern, text, trademark location in the graphic design Eye-catching visual effects. In the bag design to take full account of the use of bag-type folding form, bag changes, pocket changes, handle changes, bags and patterns, bags and patterns, portable and pattern combination design, and pay attention to the length of the hand, The arrangement should be easy to use.

The basic shape of the Carrier Bag is divided into three kinds, namely the organ-shaped flat bottom, organ-folded bottom, no thickness flat bag. Hand made the production of materials into a rope handle, paper rope handle, plastic handle, flat hole handle four. Today's designers design a Carrier Bag with a lot of material to choose from. Modern printing technology can be so easy to reflect the design of the perfect idea. Consumer aesthetic concept more and more fashion with the tide, the majority of the leisure market for designers to show their talent to provide a lot of opportunities, so the style of innovation, charm and elegant design of the Carrier Bag after another, at least to a certain extent, beautify the goods, To the people's life has brought a colorful moment.